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Experience practical and proactive legal services, delivered without surprises. Romano Law PLLC is a contemporary law firm specializing in transactional and litigation services across Business, Disputes, Employment, Media, Sports, and Entertainment law. Our team of seasoned Business Lawyers, Entertainment Attorneys, and Litigators collaborates with established companies, industry leaders, entrepreneurs, executives, and professionals in the entertainment, media, and sports sectors, as well as a diverse range of growing enterprises. We cater to clients spanning various industries, including technology, television, film, social media, healthcare, design, finance, fashion, construction, food and beverage, advertising, education, and more. At Romano Law, we offer comprehensive outside general counsel services, recognizing the significance of experienced and trustworthy legal guidance. To learn more about how our Litigators, Business Attorneys, or Employment Lawyers can assist you, reach out to us at (212) 865-9848 or schedule a consultation through our Calendly link:

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